North American Skater
HEIGHT: 6' 0"
BIRTHDATE: October 2, 1989
BORN IN: Oshawa, ON, CAN

On his style of play:  I'm more of a playmaker with good vision -- I think I see the ice well.  I always think pass before I shoot, which has gotten me in trouble over the years.  My coach has told me to shoot more, but it's just the way I play.


On his experience playing in the OHL:  It’s been great.  I started out in Owen Sound for my first year and a half and enjoyed my time there.  I got traded to Windsor in my second year and have played the last year and a half there.  It's been great -- I love the city and the players and the coaches have just been phenomenal.  


On playing alongside two good centers Bobby Ryan (selected 2nd by Anaheim in 2005) and Trevor Lewis (selected 17th overall by Los Angeles in 2006):  It was good.  I sat beside Bobby in the room over my time there and he taught me a lot.  I always listened to what he had to say.  And I roomed with Trevor my second year.  I always had my ears wide open, listening to whatever I could get from them.  I think I learned a lot from them over the time I was there -- just their work habits and how they practice every day as well as how they are as people, too.  They're both really good guys, so they helped me a lot.


On playing for Team Ontario at the Under-17 Championships:  The under-17s was a fun experience.  We were in Regina and got to meet a lot of new guys that you play against.  And a lot of them are just names on paper that you've seen.  It's nice to really meet them all and get to play with them.  It's been like that at the Top Prospects, too.  You read a lot about guys and see the names on paper.  You actually get to put a face to the name and get to meet them and see what kind of people they are, it's pretty cool.


On getting his start in hockey:  I think I started skating when I was about two and a half -- my dad would take me out all the time.  I always said I wanted to go skating and what not. And there is a funny story.  I always used to complain, I'd cry when I fell down and hurt myself.  So then I'd say I never wanted to skate again.  (My dad) just kept putting more padding on me and more padding on me over the years so whenever I fell I'd hop back up. Then after that I took right off.  I started playing when I was four. 


On the possibility of being drafted: I think you always want to be (drafted) growing up. I don't think it became a reality until probably more last year than anything.  I had a decent year with Owen Sound and Windsor.  And you see a lot of guys with a late birthday, a lot of guys my age getting drafted and you see yourself and compare yourself amongst them.  And you see some guys and think I got a good shot.  I just worked really hard over the summer, and came into this year with high hopes.  Just trying to do everything I could to have a good year and help my team.


On his most memorable hockey moment:  My team in minor midget won the Ontario Championships.  It was great.  We had a good group of guys and a great team.  It was good because we played with the same guys for about six or seven years.  So we all had become really tight.  A lot of us went to school together, so we were best friends.  So to share something like that with each other is really special. 


On his favorite NHL player: My favorite NHL player is Joe Sakic.  I like the way he plays, and he's a Canadian boy.


On the one movie he would like to be in:  If I could be in one movie I'd be in "Super Bad."


On his favorite shootout move:  My favorite shootout move is fake the shot and go backhand five.  I like that one.


On his favorite activity away from the rink:  My favorite activity away from the rink would probably be fishing.


On his favorite video game:  My favorite video game is Guitar Hero.